Olá pessoal, sou a Liz!

I help professionals relocating or retiring to Portugal to get confident and conversational in European Portuguese so they can experience this beautiful country at its best.

After 15 years of studying Portuguese academically, and living in both Brazil and Portugal, I now teach the exact strategies I used to achieve fluency so YOU can feel at home here too!


Since 2005, I’ve been nursing a passion for all things Portuguese.

I’m a qualified linguist, perpetual traveller and wide-eyed world citizen. I’ve always believed that speaking the language of the country you are in is the only way to truly get under its skin and connect with its people.

I first came to Portugal as a language student in 2008, and felt all the frustration and discomfort that comes from not being able to express yourself. I would silently sit at the dinner table praying my Portuguese housemates wouldn’t ask me question, laughing awkwardly at jokes I definitely didn’t get. It was like I was a different person. Inside I knew I was fun and friendly… but on the outside I was too scared to utter a word. What if I made a mistake?

To ditch this silent alter ego, I created my own simple tools and tricks that would help me tame those complex grammar rules and found fun ways to immerse myself in the language. I also practiced speaking, every single day.



By the time I graduated my degree in Portuguese, I was top of the class and went on to study interpreting at a University in London. 

When I returned to Portugal to live in Lisbon full-time, I adapted to life there with complete joy and ease. But I noticed my other expat friends were struggling, unable to get things done as they constantly came up against the dreaded language barrier. Not only that – their efforts to learn Portuguese had been unsuccessful, due to the outdated and overly-academic way the language was taught in traditional settings. When they looked online for help, all they found were resources to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

That’s when I started my YouTube channel, Talk the Streets, which has quickly grown to serve an audience of millions. I was inundated with requests to teach – so I created my signature online program, called Portuguese Pro. Inside, I help people relocating or retiring to Portugal to build their confidence and conversation skills in Portuguese, so they can live Portugal at its absolute best… without a boring textbook in sight. We cover the practical Portuguese you need, while rooting all grammar lessons in real-life scenarios.


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