Olá pessoal, sou a Liz!

I help professionals relocating or retiring to Portugal to get confident and conversational in European Portuguese so they can experience this beautiful country at its best.

After 15 years of studying Portuguese academically, and living in both Brazil and Portugal, I now teach the exact strategies I used to achieve fluency so YOU can feel at home here too!


Since 2005, I’ve been nursing a passion for all things Portuguese.

That’s when I began my undergrad in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Manchester in the UK. I graduated with a First Class degree, with distinction in spoken Portuguese and later went on to gain qualifications in legal interpreting from London Metropolitan University.

Since then, I’ve lived in both Brazil and Portugal, and am now happily settled in Lisbon.

While living here, I’ve noticed how much more enriching and exciting my life in Portugal is, because I am fluent in Portuguese. I can make friends with my neighbours, ask waiters for recommendations and keep up with current affairs. Barely a day goes by when I don’t enjoy a friendly exchange with a local who marvels at my level of Portuguese (mas falas tão bem português!).

To truly live a city, you have to speak its language. This will unlock a much richer experience for you, as if being shown a secret cellar in a shop you have been browsing where they are holding all the best and most magical items.

This is why I have set up Talk the Streets, to help others experience Portugal at its best. As the name suggests, I aim to equip you to get out and about in the Portuguese community and explore all it has to offer, without anything to hold you back.


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