Meet some of the graduates of my Portuguese Pro program who have been smashing it every single month by being able to hold at least a 10 minute conversation with a native Portuguese speaker! Are you next?



Can't yet string a sentence together? 

Need to start from ground zero?

Got a few pieces of the puzzle but they are not "clicking" to form a full picture?

That's how these guys all felt before joining Portuguese Pro.

Now, after diligently following my program and completing all the practical challenges I set, they can hold their own in REAL conversations with native speakers!

While most traditional courses promise you will reach an A2 level or higher (the ability to hold practical conversations), unfortunately they don't focus on the right things, which is why people still lack confidence in speaking in end. 

My program is unlike anything else, because I make sure that my unique process truly delivers on that promise.

Not only do these guys have the satisfaction of knowing they can now navigate everyday life in Portugal with joy...

They also get the money-can't-buy "Sou Pro" mug and are immortalized in this hall of fame!

Meet the Pros - are you next?

Portuguese Pro is excellent, and the team is incredibly helpful. After 11 years in Portugal, speaking Portuguese is essential in my close-knit neighborhood. Since joining, my neighbors say I've improved significantly. Now I feel like part of their familyā€”invited for meals and working together. As a language teacher myself, I highly recommend Liz, a superb linguist. If you want the best, go with Pro!

Stephen C. US

I've been living in Portugal for two months and I was starting from zero. Everything was so fast and I was really clueless. I needed something to start right from the beginning. This course helped tremendously - I started to actually understand what people were saying. Now I feel hope, I'm absolutely comfortable in everyday situations. I'm so happy it exists because it was exactly what I needed.

Toni L. Canada

My Portuguese was very limited before joining this program. I'd done other courses but they didn't take me anywhere. Here, the community is really good, and I found the listening exercises useful! I recently had lunch with my Portuguese Tia, and for the first time in 54 years, we spoke mostly in Portuguese. It was also the first time since 1968 that I felt confident speaking Portuguese with my family!

Miguel F. UK

When I started the program my Portuguese was nonexistent. Just nine weeks into it, I'm blown away by the progress I've made and the amount I can understand. I'm speaking with native Portuguese speakers consistently, every time I speak with them it gets easier. The program is digestible, it's interesting, but it doesn't feel like work. It's fun! Being able to speak a new language is so liberating.

Heather H. US

My wife is Portuguese, so I thought I’d pick it up quickly but I didn't! This program is very different from others; there are all these features like the private social community with tips you can’t get on the outside - it's outstanding! There's constant stimulation and I'm really impressed. Thanks to this program, I now have weekly lunches with my Portuguese father-in-law, and we speak 100% in Portuguese. It's amazing how far I’ve come with Liz’s help!

Ed R. US

When I joined Pro, I knew only some very basic grammar and vocabulary, and I was petrified of speaking. I couldn't string a sentence together. But this program was like turning the key in the lock. All of a sudden I was speaking Portuguese and understanding it. I’ve got two language partners on the go and I can now happily listen to Portuguese radio and tell you what they're talking about. It’s fantastic.

Debbi F. UK

My ultimate goal was to have conversations with my aunt in Portuguese and it has been so wonderful to be able to speak with her, she is ecstatic! In Portugal, whenever we have to talk to anybody or just book a table, I'm the one that's on the spot and it's amazing! It's just getting smoother and better! I was really happy with the course. My (Portuguese) wife keeps saying “oh, you’ve got a really good teacher!”

Josh G. US

I'm so thankful for this wonderful program and community. When I started, I wanted to be able to understand and speak about the daily interactions I would encounter here in Portugal. My biggest breakthrough has been my ability to self-correct! Now, I feel that I can have interactions with native speakers and my confidence has grown. This program is perfect to be successful in a new language - Sou Pro!

Iyana B. Canada

When I found this program, my heart just leapt! This is exactly what I wanted and needed, because my goal was to speak Portuguese while living here. I thought it would take much longer for me to feel comfortable having a conversation, but with Liz’s help it happened very quickly. I never dreamed I'd have this kind of relationship with my Portuguese landlords but we have conversations and I can understand them! Nowadays, I wake up thinking about Portuguese. It's wonderful!

Sharon M. US

Are you ready to go Pro with me?

The proof is in the pudding

When I first started, I was struggling to do basic things like introduce myself in Portuguese. My perfectionism and my age (I'm 62) were preventing me from speaking the language. Nowadays I feel a huge sense of relief in my day-to-day life in Portugal. Liz and her teamā€™s support throughout my journey was really instrumental in getting me to take the leap and start speaking, and I can't thank them enough.

Dina C. US

Learning Portuguese seemed alien to me, but I joined this program to connect with locals in our Portuguese village. Now, I can read and speak Portuguese effortlessly. With daily practice and weekly conversations with a language partner, I feel more connected to the culture. The structured approach and personalized feedback made it a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn Portuguese!

Helen N. UK

Portuguese Pro is the best language program I've come across. The material is easy to follow, and the live sessions are fantastic. I used to attend a local school, but their teaching style didn't work for me. Now, I talk as much as I can and interact with others, which has boosted my confidence. I also meet with a language partner weekly. Learning Portuguese is no longer a chore, it's enjoyable!

Karen P. UK

My boyfriend is Portuguese; we've been together for 25 years. I'd tried several times to learn Portuguese without success. When I discovered Liz, it was a revelation! When I joined Pro, I was only able to answer yes and no - now I can answer & elaborate afterwards. I'm proud to finally be able to talk to my boyfriend in Portuguese & I feel much more confident. He says my Portuguese has improved 400%!

Anik L. Canada

When I started, I didn't know any Portuguese. It's one of the hardest things to learn a new language but you just can't wipe off the smile on your face when you're reminiscing about your progress. When I got here, I'd only speak to my friend in Spanish, but now I only speak in Portuguese. I'm just so thankful for this program and excited to keep learning, it really helped build my confidence.

Megan S. US

When I started learning Portuguese I had a hard time speaking. As the weeks went on I became more confident - I sounded like a native speaker! You can tell how much love and passion Liz has by the time and dedication she put into making this course. She's friendly and energetic - you don’t have to be nervous. If you want to learn Portuguese and speak like a native you NEED to join Portuguese Pro!

Derek S. US

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I'm completely blown away by the program. Liz's thoroughness and the variety of ways to learn are just fabulous. Just a few weeks ago, I knew zero Portuguese, and now I'm learning new things every day. It's so obvious Liz puts an incredible amount of work into this program and I'm so impressed. I appreciate her care for the students and her expertise!

Valerie K. US

I have made the most progress ever with learning a new language. So many of the other tools, courses or tutors I have signed up for in the past I did not stay on track with or complete. In Portuguese Pro, the variety of tools and resources shared, the frequent group interaction, the personal feedback and having the course material available to repeat is invaluable. I believe that finally I will be able to speak and understand Portuguese with this one-of-a-kind program.

Carol C. US

Portuguese Pro is brilliant, from start to finish. Liz has taken me from olá and obrigado to being able to communicate with native speakers - and I am understood, too - which is a major achievement for me!

As a bonus, Liz creates what she likes to call a community... I feel it is more like a family, lots of committed folks all there to interact and help each other. I certainly feel I have gained friendships via the weekly sessions and through the group interaction. I would recommend Liz 100%.

Kim N. UK

I now realise being older is not a hindrance to learning a new language - I am 66 - in fact it is one of the best things you can do to stimulate the mind. That and to make a better life for yourself should you choose, like us, to move to this lovely country, Portugal. I feel I have made huge improvements in reading, understanding and speaking Portuguese. The more work I put in the more I get out of it, as with everything, but Liz’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped to keep me going and I really felt a sense of achievement at the end.

Gillian L. Ireland

With Liz's program, I’ve gone in leaps and bounds in such a short time. Liz has a wonderful way of teaching, she really simplifies complex topics and manages to explain them in a way that just makes sense - that has been phenomenally helpful for me. Because she is a native English speaker herself she has a really good understanding of what I’m struggling with. And she doesn’t sound boring, ever! I’m thrilled I joined the course and would highly recommend it to anybody.

Jonathan H. UK

I have made many breakthroughs during this course! I'm now able to understand and join in on conversations my partner has with his parents. I used to just sit and nod whereas now I can actually join in! It has been so wonderful for me to be able to build a closer relationship with his family. It's clear how much Liz put into creating this course and the resources and I just want to say thank you, it really is the best language learning experience I've had!

Erika D. UK

Liz is very supportive and provides an inclusive, "you can do it" atmosphere. As a retired teacher myself, I can recognize a caring professional who has the best interests of her students in mind. I was a bit anxious about taking on the work of learning a language, a situation I had little success at a long time ago. She has shown me that I can learn Portuguese and I hope to visit both my grandfathers homeland in the Azores next year! I continue to go back and review the class materials to keep learning. I am so happy to finally be learning Portuguese and would recommend her course enthusiastically!

Steve S. US

Before this course I could utter the usual phrases to order a coffee, or a beer (badly). And, I could barely read a word of Portuguese. Now, though, I am confident that I can carry out conversations in the shop, cafe, restaurant etc, and my reading comprehension has improved dramatically. I can now read a lot of Portuguese text and understand 90% of it. That figure was about 10% prior to taking the course.

An unexpected side to the outcomes from the course is my greater understanding of grammar terms, and not just in Portuguese. My understanding of English grammar has improved on the back of this. All in all a thoroughly well produced and delivered language course!

Brian S. UK

The course has wildly exceeded my expectations. This is the first time since seventh grade I have been learning a language and the program has made it very accessible. I’m blown away by the professional content delivery, coupled with the personal feel of the course. I like the lecture format, the pacing is excellent and digestable. It’s been a huge breakthrough and confidence builder for me.

Scott G. US