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Don't just take my word that this program will do wonders for your confidence and conversation skills in Portuguese... hear what some of my students have to say!


Portuguese Pro is brilliant, from start to finish.

Liz manages to convey the information in a comfortable and relaxed manner throughout while keeping you engaged and interested. She has taken me from olá and obrigado to being able to communicate with native speakers - and I am understood, too - which is a major achievement for me!

I managed to communicate directly with a Portuguese supplier without resorting to Google translate, and they understood exactly my request. As a bonus, Liz creates what she likes to call a community... I feel it is more like a family, lots of committed folks all there to interact and help each other. I certainly feel I have gained friendships via the weekly sessions and through the group interaction. I would recommend Liz 100%.

- Kim Noble, UK

I’m just loving the course - I’ve gone in leaps and bounds in such a short time.

I’d been using phone apps and listening to Portuguese podcasts for about two years - I learned a lot of vocabulary and some listening but I hadn't learned how to apply it in real life. Thankfully, Portuguese Pro has really given me that fantastic grounding I needed!

Liz has a wonderful way of teaching, she really simplifies complex topics and manages to explain them in a way that just makes sense - that has been phenomenally helpful for me. Because she is a native English speaker herself she has a really good understanding of what I’m struggling with. And she doesn’t sound boring, ever! I’m thrilled I joined the course and would highly recommend it to anybody.

- Jonathan Heard, UK

There is no such thing as being "too old" to learn a language.

For me, the main result of this course is an increase in understanding spoken and written Portuguese - now I can put sentences and questions together. The more work I put in the more I get out of it, as with everything, but Liz’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped to keep me going and I really felt a sense of achievement at the end.

I feel I have made huge improvements in reading, understanding and speaking Portuguese and I will always to recommend it to my friends. I now realise being older is not a hindrance to learning a new language - I am 66 - in fact it is one of the best things you can do to stimulate the mind. That and to make a better life for yourself should you choose, like us, to move to this lovely country, Portugal.

- Gillian Lowe, UK

I have made many breakthroughs during this course!

After completing the program, something that stands out to me is that I'm now able to understand and join in on conversations my partner has with his parents. I used to just sit and nod whereas now I can actually join in! It has been so wonderful for me to be able to build a closer relationship with his family. It's clear how much Liz put into creating this course and the resources and I just want to say thank you, it really is the best language learning experience I've had!

- Erika Davies, UK

Liz is very supportive and provides an inclusive, "you can do it" atmosphere.

As a retired teacher, I can recognize a caring professional who has the best interests of her students in mind. I was a bit anxious about taking on the work of learning a language, a situation I had little success at a long time ago.

She has shown me that I can learn Portuguese and I hope to visit both my grandfathers homeland in the Azores next year! I continue to go back and review the class materials to keep learning. I am so happy to finally be learning Portuguese and would recommend her course enthusiastically!

- Steve Sousa, USA

I have made the most progress ever with learning a new language.

So many of the other tools, courses or tutors I have signed up for in the past I did not stay on track with or complete. In Portuguese Pro, the variety of tools and resources shared, the frequent group interaction, the personal feedback and having the course material available to repeat is invaluable. I believe that finally I will be able to speak and understand Portuguese with this one-of-a-kind program.

- Carol Clegg, USA

Now when I speak in Portuguese, people actually understand me!

It was a first time experience for me to study language online. Before, all my knowledge came from Duolingo and things I had studied by myself with no system in place to actually retain what I've learned. Liz's approach to learning a language is really amazing and totally different from my previous experience. The given study materials are very well structured, there are no unnecessary materials. The study process gives you an understanding of language structure and the mechanisms of how to study it by yourself.

The amazing thing is that you can always reference the course online as many times as you want. I 100% recommend this course if you want to start speaking in Portuguese! P.S. I also improved my English grammar!

- Igor Primsky, Ukraine

I am confident that I can carry out basic conversations with my friends.

Before this course I could utter the usual phrases to order a coffee, or a beer (badly). And, I could barely read a word of Portuguese. Now, though, I am confident that I can carry out a basic conversation in the shop, cafe, restaurant etc, and my reading comprehension has improved dramatically. I can now read a lot of Portuguese text and understand 90% of it. That figure was about 10% prior to taking the course.

An unexpected side to the outcomes from the course is my greater understanding of grammar terms, and not just in Portuguese. My understanding of English grammar has improved on the back of this. All in all a thoroughly well produced and delivered language course!

- Brian Smith, UK

The course has wildly exceeded my expectations.

It is much closer to being a student in a live class that feels very familiar and personal. This is the first time since seventh grade I have been learning a language and the program has made it very accessible. I’m blown away by the professional content delivery, coupled with the personal feel of the course. I like the lecture format, the pacing is excellent and it is bitesize. It’s been a huge breakthrough and confidence builder.

- Scott Greenberg, USA

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